XRDigitech Global


We assist clients in transitioning seamlessly to cloud computing by employing server virtualization, storage virtualization, desktop virtualization, application virtualization, and network virtualization. This comprehensive approach ensures improved IT infrastructure management and facilitates a smooth migration to cloud-based systems.

Provisioning & Deployment

We specialize in expediting server virtualization and deployment across businesses of various sizes. Our services enable the creation of server clones without incurring substantial IT costs, ensuring swift replication of existing servers.

Improved Disaster Recovery

Server virtualization empowers businesses to swiftly and securely transfer a virtual machine from one server to another, ensuring rapid and secure relocation of essential resources..

Reduced Hardware Costs

Significant enhancement in hardware utilization is achieved as a single physical server can efficiently run multiple applications concurrently through server virtualization. This maximizes resource utilization and optimizes operational efficiency.

Industries that Benefit the Most from Virtualization services

Absolutely, these industries are predominantly leveraging cutting-edge IT services to unlock their growth potential and explore new business avenues. By harnessing these advanced technologies, sectors are enhancing capabilities, fostering innovation, and propelling themselves toward greater success in an ever-evolving market landscape.


Tourist Transport Association


National HighWay Authority of India


Department of Ayush


Air Transport Service


Department of Biotechnology


Sagarmala Program