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Our team of over 100 highly skilled software engineers is dedicated
to creating exceptional software solutions.
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Software Development Company

XRDigitech is a creative Custome Software Development company based in USA, UK and India focusing on Immersive and New Tech such as Digital Twin, Virtual Reality, Augment Reality and Mixed Reality as well as IoT and Artificial Intelligence, specializing in training simulation, education, automotive and equipment training.


Our great team has more than 14+ years of total professional experience

Quick Support

We will help you test bold new ideas which can uplift brand and customer relations.

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Design the Concept
of Your Business Idea Now with XRDigitech

Product Design
Craft beautiful and usable digital products with expert product design services
Experiment with ideas and technologies & Get ahead with Research & Development Solutions
Data Analytics
Data transforming capabilities. Outrank the competition with Data science solutions
Our product design service lets you prototype, test, debug and and validate your ideas.
Countries Worldwide

Successful software solutions seamlessly work with your existing systems, for a smooth and efficient workflow.

Happy Customers

To succeed, every software solution must be deeply integrated into the existing tech environment..

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Complete IT services
for your business

Mobile App Development

Create amazing looking, modern and robust Mobile application for iOS, android and hybrid Platforms.

Resource Augmentation

The expanding their resources, companies can quickly recruit qualified talent without lengthy recruiting efforts, saving time and money

API Dev Services

API Dev Services create the links between your software and others.

Immersive Tech

Immersive tech refers to technologies that create a feeling of being in a computer-generated environment or overlay digital elements on the real world.

Automation of processes with robots

Impassive Development Computerization (RPA) customs software program bots to industrialize tedious numeral tasks.

Data Engineering & BI

Data engineering and BI work together to transform raw data into actionable insights for the business.


Viewpoint out from the struggle with artificial intelligence and machine learning keys. weโ€™ll help you choose the right solution.

Web Development

We carry more than just good coding skills. Our experience makes us stand out from other web development.

Cloud Services/DevOPs

Cloud services provide resources on demand and the practice of DevOps is the optimization of software development with these resources.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the process of using machines to replicate human abilities like learning and problem-solving.

Maintenance & Support

We keep your information technology systems running as intended and address issues when they occur.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT services outsource your IT needs to a team for maintenance, security, and support.

Accessibility Testing

User-friendliness challenging certifies that software program can be used by everyone, plus individuals with incapacities.


We provide AR VR MR immersive solutions using the latest technology and game engines. We provide solutions in numerous industries

UI/UX Design

build the product you need on time using a clear and effective design process.

Security Testing

Security testing identifies and eliminates vulnerabilities in software to prevent cyberattacks.

Performance Testing

Performance testing ensures that the software can handle expected user load while remaining stable and responsive.

QA & Test Automation

QA & Test Automation uses tools to automate software testing tasks, improving efficiency and catching bugs.

Digital Twin

A digital twin is a virtual duplicate of a physical object (product, system, process) that employs real-time information to follow and improve its performance.

Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects everyday objects with sensors and software, allowing them to collect and share data.

Game Development

XRdigitech offers complete game development solutions for all platforms, mobile, PC and consoles.

UI/UX Design

Effort with a skilled team to build the invention you need on period using a clear and actual project process.

Game Development

XRDigitech proposes wide-ranging inclined development keys for all stands, mobile, PC and calms.

Let's develop your applications.

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Hire Developer

We help businesses create value through software development, product design, quality assurance and consulting services. We provide trustworthy and qualified developers for software development.


XRDigitech delivers solutions with a focus on fostering trusting relationships

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We are Trusted
15+ Countries Worldwide

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