XRDigitech Global

Facility Management Services

Deploying manpower across corporate and government bodies, including NICSI, NIC, and FDDI, is our forte. What sets us apart from the competition is our commitment to timely service, an extensive candidate database, and more, ensuring we consistently deliver exceptional results.

Faster Candidate Deployment

Our commitment stands strong to deploy candidates within 10 days of order issuance, ensuring seamless operations for various government and corporate projects without interruption. This dedication enables us to maintain consistent project momentum and efficiency.

Timely Payment of Salary

At XRDigitech, we hold a strong commitment to timely salary disbursement, ensuring that remuneration is processed promptly within five working days upon receiving the Monthly Payroll Report (MPR). This dedication underscores our emphasis on timely and efficient financial practices.

Going Strong in the Government Sector

We've successfully recruited manpower across various esteemed departments, including IRCTC, CRIS, Airport Authority of India, and the Forest Department of India, showcasing our diverse and accomplished track record in manpower acquisition.

Undertaking Major Corporate Projects

We're proud to collaborate with recent corporate clients such as . These esteemed partnerships signify our commitment to powering and supporting their projects with expertise and excellence.

Comprehensive Candidate Database

We stand equipped with a robust database of over 2,000 interested profiles in the IT sector. This invaluable resource enables us to swiftly deploy manpower across projects, ensuring agility and responsiveness to meet project demands promptly./p>

RMS for Employee Lifecycle Management

Our exclusive Resource Management System facilitates comprehensive employee lifecycle management, covering every aspect from their recruitment to retirement, ensuring a seamless and efficient process throughout their tenure.

Industries that Benefit the Most from Facility Management Services

Absolutely, these sectors are primarily leveraging the latest IT services to unlock their growth potential and explore new business avenues. By harnessing these advanced technologies, industries are enhancing their capabilities, fostering innovation, and propelling themselves towards greater success in an ever-evolving market landscape.


Powerloom Sector


National Highway Authority of India


Electrical Equipment Industry


Ayurveda Manufacturer


Wheat Variety Unnat


Coastal Development


BPO Promotion Scheme


Border Road Organisation